Having a problem with the product you just received and want to replace it or even to refund it; Lets see what you can do.

In case of refund

Please note that usually KEYFORREST LIMITED is unable to check whether the Product has been used after the purchase. Therefore, in accordance with the law, the Customer agrees and acknowledges that he/she will lose the right of withdrawal and to request a refund as soon as the product is delivered to the customers email. If the request is granted, the refund process may take up to 14 (fourteen) days to be completed.

Every order is delivered within 24 hours. Most of them are about 1-2 hours but in rare cases we may need up to 24h.

*When a order is turn from pending or hold to complete, automate the platform of KEYFORREST send the product informations to the customers email address.

After the Product has been send to customers email, the customer is entitled to get a refund within 14 days only if:

  1. The Product is not as described, (some files are missing, software is for different platform.);
  2. The Product is not working as expected, (indicated as invalid or used when the customer tries to activate it on the right platform).
  3. The product is defective, if the product is defective and it cannot work.
  4. If the Customer purchased the Product, but the product isn’t delivered to customers email, he/she has a right to request for a refund within 14 days from the date of purchase. In such case KEYFORREST LIMITED is obliged to return money to the Customer.
  • Keep in mind that : In cases of a technical problem with your computer, mobile phone or tablet we do not have any responsibility and we cannot allow any refunds. You should contact to an Service Center or buy a new device.

In order for the Customer to exercise his/her rights, the Customer must present to KEYFORREST sufficient proof of the relevant deficiencies as well as proof that such deficiencies already existed during the time of the purchase of the Digital Product.

After the Product has been send to customers email, the customer is NOT entitled to get a refund if:

  1. Case due false purchase, We do not acknowledge the case of an false purchase and will NOT accept any refunds. If for any reason we decide to give you the refund we may keep some fees to handle the refund process.
  2. An due to updated version, If we delivery an updated version, lets say “version V.3” of a software and you bought the version V.1 (so we gave you an updated version) you CANNOT ask for any refund as long the manufacture of the software says that both version can run on the same device with the same hardware parts. If the updated version need an upgraded device then we will send you the right version or you may ask for a full refund. PS. If you update the version to a new one by your mistake and you need the old version we DO NOT accept any refunds request because it will be your false. Try to reinstall it, it may help you install the older version.
  3. Too many activations, If for you installed the key number or the account on too many devices and the manufacture of the software disabled your key/account then you CANNOT ask for any refund, every key/account can activated on specific number of devices and by law it’s NOT legal to activated on more devices without upgrading the key or buying a second one, third one and so on. Each of our products says on how many devices you can use it and for how long.
  4. Due false email address, If you mistype your email address when you made the order and the order sent to another email address then its your false and we cannot accept any refund request. You can send us the right email and we try to send again the order information but if the mistyped email is valid and someone else having your product there is nothing we can do.
  5. Case of an fraud purchase, We do understand how frustrating is to lose your credit card and someone else using it and spending your money, but in this case as it is NOT keyforrest fault and there isn’t much we can do. The bank that holds your money is obligatory by law for the safety of your money. Shops, Warehouse, Merchant, and any other store online or streestore is not obligatory to know when a customer uses a stolen credit card. We are using the last technological equipment to be sure that you are buying with safety but when it comes to stolen credit cards there isn’t anything that can help us detecting a stolen credit cards. Sure , We cannot give you any refund but the bank that supposed to safeguard your money could issue you the money you lost, by their own funds.

*Any dispute, controversy or claim, arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions, their breach, termination or validity shall be finally settled in the respective court of the London subject to the rules of jurisdiction.

In case of replace

We cannot replace any product with other product or version. When you buy a software is like buying a car, you just cannot drive it back to the car dealer and take another car. You bough it, you keep it. No replace can be made.

item not received because of wrong email

  • If you have type your email wrong you can login to your account and change it so we can re-send you your product, if you do not have an account with us you can contact us at [email protected] and write us down you email and we will change it for you. After we change your email we will forward again your product to your new email.
  • If you didn’t receive your product because you type wrong your email you CANNOT ask for a refund or cancellation. We can simple send you your order to your prefered email address. Write us an email to inform us your email address and we will send you your product.
  • If you have not check your SPAM folder on your email address and you thought that we didn’t send you the product, you CANNOT ask for a refund or cancelation. You simple must go to your SPAM folder and search our email. If you have thousands of spam and you can’t find it, ask us to send it again.

In case you need additional assistance you can contact our customer service department at [email protected].